The Christmas Tag – Blogmas day 4

By now you will have realised just how much I adore Christmas, from those first days of putting up the tree through to the numerous advents we create, the copious amounts of crafts we do as a family and all of the homemade decorations and elfin fun!

When I happened across the wonderful Spread the Sparkle blog this morning I knew this was a tag that I would just have to join in with, although Kara hasn’t tagged anyone in particular I have taken it upon myself to indulge in all things festive!


Here we go!

1…What are your favourite Christmas films?

Wow where to start on this one!  I am a true lover of all the older Christmas movies and those ones that they only play on True Christmas channels (the ones with z list stars and unknowns) Having watched Its a Wonderful Life for the past few years I have to admit that its good but not as good as the classic Scrooged. Bill Murray is a superstar in this and I adore the whole Christmas Carol scenes of Christmas past, present and future, the bit where the fairy punches him is still a highlight! haha

2…Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Do people even open them on Christmas Eve?!  We have a special gift on Christmas eve which is always PJs and chocolate so that after the bath we are all snuggled in our new pjs ready to watch Scrooged (see above! lol) while eating our chocolates!  This year we all have matching pjs, Mr Elf, Mrs Elf, big elf, little elf and so on so that should be fun seeing everyone come out of their bedrooms all dressed in the same outfits! ha


3…Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

We spent so many years trying to please everyone else, or at least thinking we were trying to please everyone else by choosing where to go for Christmas day.  There were so many years where we would pop all the presents in a car and then travel to spend Christmas in someone elses home, I dont care whos home it is you are always on edge when the kids have been hyped up on chocolate since 6am and liable to vomit from mid day should any more excitement come!  As much as you want to kick back, stay in your pjs all day and have a nap in front of the TV while the queen does her speech you never feel truly able to in someone elses home.  This is why my favourite memory is the first year we said we were staying at home…we get up at our own pace, stay in pjs, enjoy food at whatever time its ready and best thing of all is that the kids get to play their games all day and run up and down to their rooms showing us all the things they have received and share simple, pure, excitement without the worry of making a mess!


4…Favourite festive food?

Ferrero Roche count as food yes?!  Ok, real food wise I have to say its the copious amounts of turkey dinner, bacon wrapped chipolatas and cranberry sauce, lashings of vegetables cooked in a honey glaze and of course prawn cocktail for starters of course!

5…Favourite Christmas gift?

Hmm, I really can’t answer this one.  I appreciate everything I receive and love handmade gifts, one year I got a poster of my favourite things and a painted picture of all of us as a family – this is something that really cant be replaced and is worth more than anything to me in the world.

6…Favourite Christmas scent?

Has to be anything spice or cinnamon! I’m a sucker for all the usual Christmas candles, the likes of Yankee, Woodwick, Bath and Body – take my money and send me all the candles please! This year I have a new burner from Pick n Wax and was sent a sample of their Christmas range and OH MY GOSH I adore the Frankincense and Myrrh, such a heady almost aftershave type scent that filled the house!  I also adore the smell of Christmas Cake and this year is the first I have made my own – I can definitely see this being a new tradition too!

7…Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

YES LOTS!  As mentioned earlier we always have our Christmas Eve pressie of new pjs and chocolate.  After our bath we ALWAYS sit and watch Scrooged as a family while waiting for the turkey to cook, a hot turkey sandwich for supper and an early night for the kids is in order.


8…What tops your tree?

This is a sore subject :(  For a long time it was a crystal beaded star that we had since Ben was born almost 21 years ago and we had our own place, last year when we moved the tree and all the decorations got lost in transit and we had to start again – gutted!  We now have a gold sparkly star that came in a kit with lots of baubles that we got last minute last year.  We will have another, special topper one year, hopefully next year which will be the start of a tradition again.


9…As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) you always asked for but never received?

I can barely remember what I go in the other room for let alone what I asked for as a child!  I’m sure though that we always just circled everything in the Woolworths catalogue and hoped for the best! haha

10…Whats the best part about Christmas for you?

FAMILY! Plain and simple, its the most important thing to me and even if there were no presents and no celebration, as long as I have family with me then that is Christmas for me! (oh and the Ferrero!) 😉

Blogmas Day 4!  This is what the elves got up to during the night!  Snow Angels – oh the mess!


If you really like Christmas too and would love to join in please link up your post as i would love to read your answers!

Merry Christmas everyone!



Blogmas Day 3 – A Perfect Saturday!

Today we woke to find out that our elves had wrapped the entire Christmas tree in wrapping paper!  How the heck?!  Their arms are so tiny it must have been a real struggle to get all the way round but somehow they managed it, clever little tinkers!

Evie and Amelia thought it was hilarious and Amelia proceeded to shout ‘DOWN’ at Giggles while holding her tummy laughing at the same time – way too cute and well worth the pulled muscles in little elfin arms I’m sure! 😉


When daddy got in from work this morning I took Evie into Durham to see the Christmas market but it was absolutely heaving so we got no where near, instead opting for La Tasca for lunch followed by a wander around the shops.


We forgot all about Santas Lodge being in the center of the shops (in the huge space where BHS use to be *sob*), her eyes lit up when we saw it and we ended up queuing for almost an hour to get in and see hte big man.  It was only £3 and she got some one on one time with him in the lodge where she told him what she wanted for Christmas, he asked her to do him a favour and put out treats on Christmas eve and then asked where she lived.  Behind the elf was a huge map and they were putting little flagged pins in with everyones names and the villages they live in – this was a beautiful touch that I’ve never seen before but really made an impact!   After receiving her gift (a wrapped kit to make friendship bracelets, worth more than the £3 entry fee) we left and popped some pennies into the wishing well, you’ve got to try haven’t you!

 day3a day3f

After another visit to a few more shops we headed for the bus only to get to the bus station as one pulled out! 20 minute wait or head to the nearest cafe for hot chocolate and brownie…yeah my thoughts too!


Now sitting at home watching Home Alone 2 before Strictly and I’m A Celeb while the boys do the dishes and I catch up on blog posts and emails!

Perfect Day!



Blogmas Day 2 – Elf Antics!

Unless you have been walking round with blinkers on today you will know today is day 2 of Blogmas and of course Elf on the Shelf antics.  My timeline on all social media has been filled with what those cheeky little elves have been up to today.

Evie has it in her head that her elf is going to draw a mustache on her as the boys have been recalling what their elf did a couple of years ago.  Of course when she woke this morning and had no sign of a ‘tash she immediately went into free fall!  She didn’t dare go downstairs by herself incase he was still running amok and waited until I had popped the kettle on before walking with me into the living room….where upon we saw the little monkeys swinging from the light fittings!!  YES, both Pickles and Giggles were swinging from the lights (separately of course as when they were together it just looked REALLY bad!) haha


Needless to say this went down a storm and both Evie and Amelia fell about in fits of giggles until we go them down from the lights and back in their sleigh to rest for the day ready for tonights antics!  I wonder what they will get up to?! 😉

On another note, after popping the kettle on and wandering into the living room and seeing the elves, I also handed the girl their advent calenders with instructions of JUST DAY NUMBER 2… NO MORE THAN JUST DAY 2…. ONLY DAY 2… OPEN ONE DOOR…NUMBER 2

…only to come back in to this!


I was gone for approx 75 seconds!!

Enough time to put coffee in a cup and pour on hot water!




Not sponsored in any way however if anyone would like to send copious amounts of wine I think it might be needed soon! 

Educational Spy Kit Toys by Great Gizmo

We were kindly gifted two toys by Great Gizmos to trial and see how we got on!  The boys are always complaining there is nothing for them to trial so they jumped at the chance of seeing how a couple of spy kits would work out for them including a safe and fingerprint kit.

First up is the 4M Spy Science Alarmed Safe Kit.  Ethan was the first to trial this but it has since been passed down to Evie to keep her notes etc in as novelty wore off once the kids learned his code! ha


You can build your own double protected money safe by connecting a buzz alarm circuit and a simple dial lock. Store your pocket money, top secrets and treasures inside! No spy or burglar could ever break in without the key or security code. Your treasures are under safe protection!

Easy to build and as long as your little sisters don’t get their hands on the stickers before they are placed on the safe then all is well, otherwise it ends in tears and you are explaining that the safe will still work ever though it doesn’t have the numbers around the center dial!

Priced at £18.95 and aimed at age 8 years+

The second kit we tried was the 4M Kidz Labs Finger Print Kit.  This went down a lot better than the safe as it was more interactive and involved all of the children trying out their finger prints on the ink pad and ‘swabbing’ for prints on different items.  There is a lot included in the kit but make sure you don’t open the  dusting powder without supervision – EVERYWHERE!!

img_4664 img_4665

Become a Detective! Learn how detectives identify suspects and record important clues found at crime scenes. Record, collect and identify fingerprints with the super dusting powder!

img_4666 img_4667

A great kit for all those future police men and women or anyone wanting to keep an eye on who is touching things they shouldn’t!

Priced at £11.95 and aimed at age 8+


Debbie (Evie and Ethan)

We were sent both kits to trial, opinions and views are our own.