Living Arrows Week 26/52!

Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Give a girl a stage and she turns into a diva!


We took delivery of a pallet of boxes the other day so naturally when the pallet was emptied the girls turned it into a dance floor, a little stage to put on their shows!  I can see me having to build a wooden one this summer for the garden as I really haven’t seen this side to them before, dive and drama queens yes…putting on performances is a whole new realm!


Thankfully the weather stayed fine enough the past couple of days for us to get outside, lock the gates, clear up the weeds and tidy around the garden!  Thanks mum for all your help – I really do want to have green fingers and get the garden beautiful so its going to take some major coaching! lol



Living Arrows

Confessions of a Summer Parent.

The summer will soon be on us and not only do we have the usual list of everyday things that need doing but we also have the added joy of having the children on school holidays!  6 weeks of keeping them entertained and trying not to wish the days away…here is a little guerilla parenting list of summer must haves!


  1. MUD.   Kids love making mud pies, perfume from flowers and stomping in muddy water puddles barefoot.  Washing machines are your friend!
  2. ART SUPPLIES.   Buy a roll of lining paper and unroll it, paint the kids hands and feet and let them go wild, again Washing machines are your friend!
  3. CANDY.  This can be used to either bribe the kids to behave or reward good behaviour – doesn’t matter which as its a win win situation! 😉
  4. WINE.  For once the kids are in bed!  (obvs!!)


If you all survive the summer holidays then throw a back to school themed party … they don’t need to know its because you are ready for them to go back! 😉


This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor.



Asos Summer Flats Wishlist!

Since having children I am less about the heel and all about the flat shoes and right now in particular, ballet flats or lace up flats and since all of the shoe shops in Durham have closed I have now taken to looking further afield, that is when I came across ASOS.  I have always thought of ASOS as a shop for the younger, slim, festival goer type market but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  There are SO MANY high street names and fashions available that I now have a wishlist of summer shoes I have to have!


Lets Play Lace up Pointed Ballet Flats


Littleton Pointed Ballet Flats


Lux Chain Detail Ballet Flats


Logical Elastic Detail Flats


Lingo Pointed Ballet Flats

How cute are those and I don’t know if its coincidence or not but they all begin with the letter L!!  If that isn’t a sure fire sign I need them all then I don’t know what is! lol

Any excuse eh!?



Keep shining!

Oh pretty please, keep shining!

The sun shine makes it more fun for everyone, we get to play outside with the kids, the boys get to go play football and wear off some of that energy and I get to go drink coffee in a friends garden while our little ones play together!

Amelia is a little ball of fire with a temper to match but when she is playing with Penny they just click, I really don’t know what it is but they both get on really well and seem to genuinely enjoy each others company and the temper that is so apparent with everyone else has suddenly disappeared!

amelia1 amelia2

Today she wore her pretty new playsuit from H&M and we sat outside today drinking lemonade and peppermint tea, generally enjoying the sunshine.  There seems to be a couple of sunny days then nothing but rain … the housework can wait we will enjoy this while we can!