How to Achieve the “Super Modern” Look in Your Hallway.

How to Achieve the “Super Modern” Look in Your Hallway


The hallway is a thoroughfare, the place through which you, your family and guests will pass through several times.

But, despite its importance to how the rest of the house flows and ebbs, we tend to forget about the hallway when it comes to making an interior design statement.

And no surprise really when you consider that we don’t always sit and enjoy the hallway but this doesn’t mean that it is not worth the time, money and effort… and we have some great ideas!

#1 Under the stairs ‘greenhouse’

From hanging coats and piling up shoes, under the stairs is a great storage space but all this clutter in the hallway can make it feel full, busy and closed in.

Using that space, however small, for something more decorative and beautiful is a distinct possibility. Creating an indoor greenhouse is simple and easy:

  • Create a wooden tray deep enough to hold a layer of gravel
  • Use house plants in pretty pots, dot them about the wooden tray
  • Use clean gravel, or large round white pebbles a decorative layer
  • Using tempered glass and fixings from Balustrade Components create a glass barrier that create a greenhouse type structure
  • This glass barrier could also be used a balustrade on the stair case too, giving the appearance of a glass wall that allows light to play in a space.

#2 An optical illusion

The hallway can resemble a long narrow aisle, with several rooms off the main walkway. This can sometimes look featureless and empty but there is a way of creating an amazing illusion effect:

  • At the far end of the hall way, hang the biggest mirror you can – on trend mirror styles at the moment are those that have large, ornate frames, usually brass or silver in finish.
  • Paint the walls in one striking colour and be as daring with the shade as you like

Mirrors deceive the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is, even though you know that the hallway is still small!

#3 Furniture in the hallway

The tendency is that when space is tight and the hallway narrow, that furniture is not added. Again, this may give the illusion of space but it leaves the space slightly stark and boring.

There are all kinds of slim, hallway tables that are perfect for adding a table lamp to help illuminate the hallway with a soft glow. As well as opting for slim furniture, choose uncluttered pieces that are simple on the eye with clean lines. Keep the colour light too.

#4 Accent colour

As the hallway is often a small space, it can be tempting to think neutral colours all the way. It is true, of course, that dark colours will draw the space in and bold patterns will close the space down.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to stay away from colour altogether. If you don’t feel brave enough to opt for an accent colour on the wall of hallway ceiling, then choose a piece of furniture that delightfully contrasts with the hallway.

#5 Practical and stylish elements

For busy families, the hallway is often the place where kids gather in a morning to collect lunch boxes, sport kits and so on. It can also be the place where you need to leave instructions or reminders for people. It makes sense, as reminding someone they need to ‘pick up milk’ on their way home is more likely to register with them as they leave the house. Likewise, reminding them to ‘turn the heating up’ when they arrive home and so on, is also a message that needs to be located in a prime position.

Make your hallway functional without compromising on style by creating your own black board. You can do this by painting a portion of the wall with special black paint, commonly found in hardware and DIY stores, or create your own hanging blackboard.

#6 Storage solutions that work!

A key element of modern interior design is to use transitional spaces, such as the hallway, to offer the maximum benefit to the homeowner. People commonly store items in the hallway and that is not necessarily a bad thing providing that the storage solutions on offer actually work.

All too often, we are carried away by the romance of an item when we see in a magazine or in store but when we get it home, realise that it offers us very little in the way of practical storage.

How would you create a super-modern look to your hallway?



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My templates all in one place!

I have had a lot of requests lately for links to my templates and box ideas (following a resurgence of interest in my book!)

 To make it easier I am going to link all of the template posts below so that they are all in one place and easily accessible.

***please bear in mind I created all of these templates (except the drawers!) so if used elsewhere please can you credit this blog***

Cupcake Gift Box 


Double Cupcake Box


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Raft Box


Easter Box


Peek A Boo Box


Cute Tie Box


Wrap Box


Mini Pizza Box


Tealight Box


Double Ended Box


Candle Melt Box


Duplicate Box

duplicate box

Mini Drawers


Notelet Holder


Sweet Treat Pouch





Bellabeat Leaf and how its changed my attitude!

I know that might seem like an extreme title but since I received the Bellabeat Leaf my attitude really has changed.  In the past I would roll in to bed after midnight and didn’t have a clue how much (or little) exercise I did each day.  The LEAF makes you accountable for EVERYTHING!  Even your sleep!


You literally wear it 24 hours a day (obviously not in the shower etc) but you wear it either hanging round your neck on the chain, clipped to your shirt lapel or on the suede bracelet supplied.  That is what I loved about it when I first opened the packaging, everything had been thought of!


The majority of the time I wear it as a necklace as it looks really pretty as well as giving the best readings.  The wood and metal make it something that I would wear even if it didn’t ‘do anything’ if that makes sense and I have been asked a few times about it as it looks so unusual!


When you receive the LEAF you sync it with your phone and to update you open the APP, click the little update symbol and double tap the Leaf itself.  All details are then updated for the day (I tend to update twice a day, first thing on a morning to get my sleep readings and then again just before bed to get my steps for the day)


As you can see by the picture above it sets out each day for you.  It shows how many minutes exercise you have done, which when you click through breaks down into steps and how many miles walked, calories used and your 7 day average activity level.

Your total sleep is given on the front page then when you click through it shows how much deep and light sleep you had, your go to sleep and wake up times, average 7 day sleep and a little ‘Isn’t it nice to feel rested?’ type comment which is always nice!

The image below was after a bad night with Evie having nightmares and a total of 3.39 hours sleep – night from hell!  It shows when we were woken in the night as it monitors activity so picks up when you’re up and about – I made a point to check the times and it was spot on!


Another couple of trackers on the LEAF are the period tracker which does just what it says on the tin!  Tracks your period duh!  However, it does more than that as it tells you when your most fertile days are and when you are ovulating!  This would have been a godsend when we were trying for the children (now the men with scissors have had their way with hubby that just isn’t an option anymore!)

The meditations are something I haven’t had a chance to try properly yes as every time I settle down one of the children need me!  HOWEVER, starting this weekend I am going to make sure I have 30 minutes set aside each day before everyone gets up so that I can either meditate or exercise and I am really looking forward to it!

There are 7 meditation exercises and 4 breathing exercises so I will work my way through and probably do a little update post in a couple of weeks to let you know how they go!

Overall I seriously love the LEAF and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tracking device (high acclaim indeed coming from the girl who took back her Fitbit as it was too inaccurate!)



Living Arrows – 21/52!

Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
This week has been either all or nothing, glorious sunshine so outdoors all day or thunder and lightening so hauled up indoors!
My pictures this week reflect both – first up is Amelia with her ‘don’t like that one’ face!  When I am at home I love to have wax melts or candles lit and shes is my little smell tester – she loves to have a sniff before I light them!  This one today though didn’t get a pass and is now relegated to when shes in bed! lol
We popped to the shops to pick up some bits and as we left, the sun cracked out from behind the clouds, with the sun always comes bright smiles (I think the sweets may have helped too!)
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Living Arrows